Contract Negotiation & Procurement

We have successfully negotiation contracts and completed the purchase of several large medical buildings and facilities, and established new medical practices.

Investigations of Billing & Collection Matters

Successfully researched and located unpaid and underpaid claims due physicians and negotiated with payers to pay the non paid amounts to the providers.

Recruitment & Staffing

Successfully recruited over 75 physicians in various specialties to provide services in urgent cares, emergency departments, anesthesia, primary care and pediatrics.

Credentialing of Providers

We are experts in the credentialing of physicians to qualify for Payer rosters and facility privileges.

Payer Contract Negotiations

We have worked with the California Senate to revamp the methodology and structure of EMS services in Kern County, resulting in timely payments to physicians who previously were receiving little of the funds set aside on the Emergency Medical Services fund.

EMTALA & HIPAA Consulting / Education

We have worked with numerous medical facilities to bring their practices up to EMTALA and HIPPA compliant.

Financial Management

Ranging from bookkeeping to full fledged financial management with generation of all necessary financial reports. Services include, by example: Payroll, Tax Deposits,Cost Control/Analysis, Departmental Cost Centers and interaction with CPA’s and Legal Counsels.

General Consulting Services

Including working with management or ownership to determine paths of opportunities, expansions and/or mergers and acquisitions or the sale of contracts and/or facilities.

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